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About the book

About the book

"History of Teopoli, the city of God" is a book that collects the testimonies of the members of the United Society who over the years have participated in the creation of good works related to the charismatic figure of Father Claudio C.P. and under the spiritual guidance of Sister Carmelina of the Cross C.P..
Each person interviewed told about the experience personally lived, leaving not only the memory of people who have given a lot for the good of the community, but a message of love, written with a capital "L"; that love that Sister Carmelina of the Cross C.P. has given to the faithful who over the years have alternated at the foot of her bed. Sister Carmelina of the Cross C.P., despite the terrible sufferings experienced, never refused anyone's visit, placing the needs of the faithful before her.
Each story told represents the history of the Italian community in Toronto (and beyond) over the last 50 years.
Some of those who participated in the interviews also agreed to be filmed in a video, as well as leaving a picture.
Others have preferred to remain anonymous, while some have asked to be simply interviewed; who by phone, who by e-mail and who precisely, in person .
The events and works of the United Society were also filmed and made available to everyone on the website.
Father Claudio Piccinini C.P., he himself supervised the work in its entirety, guaranteeing the truthfulness of the information that can be defined "common", without interfering in any way with the interviewees or the other witness.
All possible people have been reached, from announcements left in churches with mass in Italian language, to press releases on various media.
During the "Family Celebration Dinner" of the year 2017, Father Claudio C.P. openly formalized the project, inviting all those who had not yet left their testimony, to do so if they wished, by contacting the author, or the office of the United Society represented by Laura Cirami.
Word of mouth among the faithful was also fundamental; thanks to this many people have been reached .
A demonstration of the fact that the United Society was, and still is, a large family. Respondents immediately made themselves available to suggest further witnesses, so that nothing should be forgotten, because everyone deserves to be remembered.

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