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History of Teopoli
the city of God

The book that tells the story of the Italian community involved with the United Society of Toronto and much more
Get to know the experiences of the people who have dealt with
Sister Carmelina della Croce C.P., servant of God


"History of Teopoli, the city of God" is the book that tells 50 years of history of the Italian community of Toronto (and not only) involved in the charity work of the United Society.
Under the charismatic guidance of Father Claudio Piccinini C.P. and led by the spiritual guide Sister Carmelina of the C.P. Cross, servant of God, thousands of men and women have worked in the realization of good works, charitable missions, realization of what is not just a place of spiritual retreat, but a place that helps to regain the values and the right roles in the community for everyone: Teopoli.
The city of God is different from any other, since this city of God was built thanks to the efforts of many who, guided by love for their neighbor, have created amazing works.

Father Claudio Piccinini C.P.

Founder of Teopoli and Società Unita.
Passionist Missionary Priest born in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, in 1941. After earning a Masters in Theology at St. John's University in the US state of New York, Father Claudio was ordained a priest in the Passionist order on 2 June 1972.

"God has a clear plan for you. You are a unique, precious, unique, never repeated and sacred masterpiece to the Lord ”.

Father Claudio Piccinini C.P.



Sister Carmelina of the Cross C.P.
Servant of God

Born in Liveri (NA), Italy, on February 7th, 1937, Carmelina Tarantino became a Passionist nun on November 26th, 1977.
She led her mission from that hospital bed at Riverdale Hospital in Toronto.
She returned to the Father's house on March 21th, 1992 and is buried at the Holy Cross Cemetary, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.

"... I have always loved you and I bring you all with me. I will help you from heaven, I will pray for you and I will continue to work with you. I love you all; for me you are all my family and you are all the same. I never backed down even though sometimes I wasn't ready to respond, then I did it, never forgetting anyone..."

Sister Carmelina of the Cross C.P., servant of God

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